Bison Working Chutes

  • Heavy duty all steel construction for years of use
  • Double side squeeze to keep the animal standing straight and stable
  • Double side adjustment to handle all size of animals from calves to bulls
  • Side release door opposite the operator opens with automatic rope control latch for sorting and quick access
  • Emergency access door on operator side
  • TWI Crowd Ahead Attachment, to help those stubborn animals forward
  • Fully enclosed shoulder access doors keep animals legs and head inside of chute
  • Top is enclosed with sheet steel
  • Horizontal slide gate at rear of chute
  • Removable foot doors for foot and leg work
  • A headgate capable of handling all sizes of animals
  • Control levers placed out of way, yet within easy reach, for added operator safety
  • Crash Cages
    • Slant bottom leg return - standard
    • Other styles available upon request
  • Options available upon request
    • Rumber © Floor
    • Silent Windows
    • Spring Cushion Crash Cage
    • Scales
    • Palpation Cage
    • Portable Attachments
    • Rubber covered Crash Cage Bars
    • Shoulder Door Drop Bumpers
    • Crash Cage Blinder
    • Collection Chains
    • 60/40 Double Foot Door

Titan West Inc equipment designed for the rugged use of bison. Our equipment is constructed of heavy gauge square tubing and sheet steel. This equipment has been designed with safety benefits for both the operator as well as the bison. Our equipment is flexible, with a large number of possible configurations available. We will custom manufacture our equipment to fit your corrals, buildings, or handling practices. Titan West can design and build complete corral systems.

Equipment Includes:

Bison Crowding Tub

  • 10' Radius Crowding tub (other sizes available upon request)
  • Crowding tub sides are 90" tall with the top of the sheet steel at 68"
  • Catwalks are available
  • Sturdy crowding tub latch for sure stopping of the gate and extra durability. Friction type latches covered with rough top belting which provides quiet operation and positive stopping power. Tub cleats provide added security
  • Heavy duty pivot post and gate hinge construction. Big crowding gates need big posts. TWI uses 4 1/2" O.D. heavy wall pipe to support our crowd gate. The hinges are large and fitted with grease zerks to keep things swinging smoothly
  • Crowding tub constructed of heavy gauge square tubing. This tub is built for years of use

Bison Crowding Alleyway

  • Heavy duty steel construction for years of rugged use
  • Solid sheet metal sides prevent animals from becoming spooked and injuring themselves as well as protecting operators. Alleyway height is 78" tall with the top of the sheet steel at 68"
  • Horizontal slide gates are covered with sheet steel
  • Adjustable alleyways range from 18" to 30" in width. Alleyways are available in straight or curved sections
  • Extra wide catwalk sections available. Catwalk sections are covered with sturdy, slip resistant expanded metal
  • Overhead restraint rails standard for both straight and curved alleyways. These rails add strength and prevent spooked animals from attempting to jump out of the alleyway
  • Alleyway release doors are available for alleyway sections. These doors can be added at any location to fit your specific working needs
  • Alleyway is available with 2 or 3-way alley dividers. This allows the operator the flexibility to use the crowding area for more than one purpose. The alley dividers can be placed at any point within the facility
  • TWI colors are red or white. Other colors available at additional cost