Crowding Equipment

Circular Cattle Working Facility

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The Solution System for your Cattle Working Needs
The TWI Circular Cattle Working Facility is designed to save today's cattleman time and effort while working cattle.
There is no need to hire extra help with this system. Your regular crew can handle the job easily, safely, and in less time than ever before.

Adjustable to Handle All Sizes

  • 30' alley is designed to handle cattle of all sizes
  • The width adjustment ranges from 12" to 30"
  • Upgrade Option: EZ Adjust Alley width, 7 settings, will not freeze down
  • Panels are 5' tall & mounted 8" off ground level
  • Top bar is 5'8", prevents animal from jumping over panel
  • Sorting Cage- 3 way alley divider
  • 8' straight alley to Loadout

Strong Modular Construction

  • Made of square tubing
  • Superior strength & construction qualities
  • Excellent rigidity & durability
  • Custom fit to any location, need, or budget

Ranchers Sweep

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  • Completely Portable
  • Constructed of Square Tubing
  • All 7-bar (69") Portable Panels
  • Affordable

Uses TWI's 15° Center Exit Tub (10') with 20' Straight Alley

Adjustable Alleyway Standard (Single Width Available Upon Request)