Miscellaneous Equipment

Pallet Forks

  • Pallet Points
  • Bale Points
    • Universal for any Loader
    • 2000# wt Rating
    • Can be used for moving pallets of seed, large hay bales, etc.

The Calf Caddy

  • A one man way to move a cow/calf pair
  • Will clamp on any 1 7/8" or 2" ball
  • Can be mounted directly to the bumper of the pickup or you can put a ball on the drawbar of your tractor
  • Will clamp on or disconnect off the ball as fast as you can open a pair of visegrips
  • Plastic protects the umbilical cord from freezing to the steel
  • Easier to tag, vaccinate, and give boluses standing up, not kneeling down trying to hold the calf
  • The calf can be loaded with ease. You don't have to hold the calf up, his legs can be positioned after he is set in the caddy
  • The cow will follow because it looks like the calf is standing up
  • You can carry the calf & caddy easier than you can carry a calf alone, because you have handles to carry at waist level, not chest high

Calf-Caddy Skid

  • The same Calf-Caddy that is used on the bumper, is also used on the skid
  • The skid may be pulled by horse, pickup, 4-wheeler, tractor or by hand
  • Smoothest way to transport calves
  • Very stable even on rough ground
  • Designed to glide across corn rows
  • It doesn't bounce when hitting frozen objects, like a wheel would
  • Can be pulled on any terrain, snow, dirt, mud
  • All rounded corners to pull around and over obstacles, like corner posts or clumps of hay
  • It can be pulled with a chain or lariat

Nursing Arm

  • The same Calf-Caddy that is used on the bumper, is also used on the Nursing Arm
  • It holds the calf in a standing position so that you have both hands free to get the calf started sucking
  • It can hold the calf in a half standing position, with his legs folded under so he is at the right height to the cow's udder
  • If the cow kicks, the calf won't go down and get stepped on, just swing the calf back out of the way
  • The cow will stand calmer because you're not struggling to get the calf to suck
  • Just pull the pin to detach the arm from the headgate to work cattle

ATV Mount