Portable Tubs

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Portable Tub Single Alley

This system uses a full 10’ crowd tub that folds to a legal road width. With up to 20’ of alleyway, the Portable Tub allows you the flexibility to put your working chute or loading chute in front.

The other option is to have 10’ of alleyway and the Titan West Combo Chute in front of the alley. This option includes the Palpation Cage directly behind the Working Chute. The Working Chute has all of the features of Titan West’s Combo Working Chute, complete with rumber floor and Chest Rest.

Both systems come with Titan West’s E-Z Adjustable Alley, allowing the alley to be adjusted with 15” to 30” with ease. The Titan West ”folding No-Back” is placed at the back of the alley. Two hand-operated winches allow you to go from working cattle to road ready in minutes.

Portable Tub Twin Alley

Download the Brochure


  • Open bar divider panel lets cattle see each other, reducing stress and encouraging tandem flow
  • Faster flow, more capacity, less time waiting, less prodding results in less stress
  • 10 minute setup from transport to full operation
  • Folding no-back adjusts without chains resulting in less noise
  • Safety brake winch on each side
  • Access doors to the single alleyway from either side
  • Removable hitch
  • Crowd ahead feature in single alley
  • Same high quality features as our permanent tub
  • Unit weight 4,220 lbs. without headgate


  • Head gate on front of single alley
  • Squeeze chute
  • Drop Gate
  • Manual neck extender